Creating focus and value for you

Reinventado Consult

Consultancy needs to add something that you either do not know yourself or do not have resources or time for as a company. As a consultant I can therefore help you create structure in answering the questions that need to be answered with the purpose to create value for you through focus and differentiation. 

With experience in both B2B and B2C on an international scale I can help you doing a strategic review of your existing business model. Subsequently we will work together creating differentiation followed by a realistic implementation model. My experience in setting up new businesses, creating effective customer value propositions, applying strategic marketing but also the transformation process itself is what I would like to share and explain to you. After this we can determine together what specific approach your company can benefit from.

Future fit

No need to tell you how important it is to create differentiation but sometimes it helps to go through to the process of differentiation with an experienced business professional and to determine how you can stay unique in the view of existing and new ustomers.

An experienced partner

More than 30 years of international experience in developing customer focused strategies and creating businesses, including implementation plans and transformation processes.


Strategic marketing , business transformatie, B2C retail,  B2B Fleet & payment business, international business development and Brand Licensing 


Koeno Siemons // Consultant & Non-executive director

Reinventado means "re-invent" and that is the purpose of my approach. Stay focused and keep challenging. Are we still doing the right things for our customers and our business? How do we know we have the right returns and how do we measure success? 

Also as a non-executive director I can play an important role for you by providing supervision as part of a supervisory board and as such check in on finance, strategy and implementation plans in order to garantuee continuity of a company including stakeholder management and compliance.