About me

After an interesting career at the Energy Company BP Oil international I have made the decision to continue my career as an independant consultant and non-executive director. This to share my extensive experience with the purpose to let others excel in their business but also personal life. It struck me that many companies are focused on their ongoing business models but not reflect in time to check in on a possible re-orientation of strategy, customer value proposition but sometimes also "how to operate".

It will be my challenge to help companies "look in the mirror" via a transfer of relevant knowledge, competitive reviews but also to identify new market opportunities. This in context of a fit for purpose strategy and realistic implementation plan. Too many strategic plans never materialize simply because they are not realistic with the existing competences and resources available.  

In a career of about 30 jaar I have helped BP affiliates develop and grow new businesses in Europe, Venezuela, Mexico, Indonesie and India. Both in B2C (retail, CRM, brand management) as well as B2B (Fleet business) business models. Always through a focus on realistic market opportunities by starting at identifying customer needs and from there developing and implementing a clear customer value proposition. 

But next to the business side of things (including the necessary cost efficiency restructuring), I am always focused on the human side of doing business and like to emphasize the positive aspects of change including making meaningful connections to create trust.